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Office Policy for Patient Visits

New and existing patients will want to stay familiar with important offices policies


  • New Patients - Contact us at 412-679-4263 to schedule appointments.
  • Established Patients – May contact us by phone or schedule an appointment online.(opens in a new tab)
  • New patients should arrive 20 minutes early to complete New Patient Forms.
  • New patients may complete New Patient Forms in advance, by downloading them from Resources: Patient Visit/Patient Forms.
  • Contact the office 24 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel.

Patient Forms

All PHN patients MUST complete/sign the following forms and bring them to your visit (available in PDF format) - Resources: Patient Visit/Patient Forms.

  • Patient Registration – personal details, including insurance coverage
  • Patient Medical History – your current health status and family medical history
  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities – details your rights to your health information and patient financial responsibility
  • Patient Privacy Practices
  • Medical Release Permission – designate others to access your health information
  • Neurological Review of Systems

Other Resources available on this site:

  • Office Policy for Patient Visits
  • Release of Medical Information – designate others to access your health information
  • HIPAA Information
  • PA State Disability Form
  • PA Protections Against Surprise Billing

Payments for Service

  • We accept all major insurance plans in the region - Complete list of all participating Health Plans.
  • Copayments – Patients are responsible for copays AT THE TIME OF EXAM OR SERVICE. 
  • Deductibles – IF INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE HAS NOT BEEN MET - Patients are responsible for 50% of the ESTIMATED cost of services rendered AT THE TIME OF EXAM OR SERVICE.
  • Uncovered Services – Contact your insurance carrier to best understand what services and treatments are covered and those for which you may share some or all of the financial responsibility. You will receive an invoice for the uncovered services as directed by your health plan carrier.
  • Please contact our office at 412-679-4263 if you have concerns or need to discuss payment options.

Health Record

  • Your electronic health record (EHR) is available online through the Patient Portal.
  • You have access to your record at any time once you register a username and password.
  • Copies of your health record are available as needed. You can request a printed or electronic copy by sending a request to
  • Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve, P.C. will send requested copies of your health record to other physicians at no charge. Please allow processing time for health record requests.
  • Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve, P.C. will send requested copies of your health record to Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Social Security Offices, or any other Third Party Requestors at the following rates:
Amount charged per page for:Not to Exceed
 Pages 1 – 20


 Pages 21 – 60


 Pages 61 – End


 * Search and retrieval of records (cannot be charged if the requestor is requesting their own personal health record)


Flat fees (providers may not charge the above search and retrieval fee in addition to a flat fee)

Production of records to support any claim under Social Security or any Federal or State financial needs-based program;


Supplying records requested by a district attorney


Patient Privacy

Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve, P.C. understands the importance and sensitivity of your health information. We have a rigorous training and examination program for all employees on the federal and state laws that govern your health information.

PHN staff uses your health information (and allows others to have it) only as permitted by federal and state laws. These laws give you certain rights regarding your health information.

Phone Calls During Office Hours

During scheduled hours, patient calls are initially handled by our front office and clinical staff. They will ensure proper follow-up with your doctor.

After Hours/Weekends/Holidays

Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve phone service will forward calls to a provider every day of the year, simply by calling (412) 679-4263.

If the office staff is not available during normal patient hours or if contacting after hours/weekends/holidays, our phone service will forward those messages directly to us.

Service compliments, Concerns, and Complaints

Your patient experience is equally as important as the medical care you receive from PHN. If you have compliments, , concerns, or complaints we want to hear from you!

Please email to share your experience. A member of our leadership and management team will respond ASAP.