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Pittsburgh's top Physical & OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS

What Is Physical & Occupational Therapy?

Physical and Occupational therapy (PT/OT) helps individuals rehabilitate their arms and hands, legs and feet debilitated from illness, injury, or aging. With intensive therapy, these individuals can get back to their activities of daily living - activities a person does on a daily basis at home, work, or school. We all value the use of our extremities as they are our connection to the world.  Whether they are utilized for leisure or occupational purposes, any loss of function can be devastating. The goal of intensive physical and occupational therapy is to improve arm and hand, leg and foot function, and to maximize an individual’s independence while improving their quality of life.

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How Do Physical & Occupational Therapists Help Patients?  

Physical & Occupational Therapists help people regain independence and redevelop skills for daily living after an illness or injury. They develop customized plans and objectives to address one’s self-care, vocational, and leisure goals. Each treatment plan includes education, home exercises, stress management, home safety, energy conservation, and work simplification — all of which promote a safe return to daily activities.

Physical & Occupational Therapists help people with hand/wrist, foot/leg, or back injuries; disability due to arthritis; developmental disability; and neurologic disability, including stroke. The therapists identify a client’s special needs and define their disability through an in-depth assessment of their movement, problem-solving or organizational skills, and social and interpersonal skills. 
In the course of treatment, the therapist may also use a variety of standardized tests and instruments. This evaluation process enables the therapist to determine underlying reasons for dysfunction, be it skeletal, neuromuscular, or sensory processing deficits. 

If you are in need of care from the best Physical & Occupational therapists in the Pittsburgh area to rehabilitate your arms and hands, legs and feet, you’re in the right place. Reach out to Dr. Spiess’s office or directly with our therapy partners to schedule your first consultation today.

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