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Reconstructive Pressure sore, Burn, scar & Wound Care Doctor in Pittsburgh

Plastic Surgery Wound Care Specialist

Following a severe traumatic injury, burn, or a condition such as diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, many patients struggle with serious wounds that need reconstructive assistance in order to heal and return the area to as much as its original function as possible. In these instances, an experienced plastic surgeon with advanced knowledge of wound care can help.

Alexander Spiess, MD is one of the most experienced, qualified, and skilled wound care specialists in the Pittsburgh region, and he specializes in providing top-of- the-line reconstructive surgery for wounds and burns to the hands, wrists, arms, legs and feet. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Spiess offers his patients thorough, compassionate care that is focused on helping them return to full functionality and find relief from debilitating pain. 

If you’re ready to experience the best wound healing and closure available from the top wound care surgeon in the Pittsburgh area, you’ve found the right doctor. Reach out to Dr. Spiess’s office and schedule your first consultation today.

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Top Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve Pressure sore & Wound Care Specialist

Expert Plastic Surgery Pressure Sore & Wound Care

Whether it’s due to a traumatic injury or a condition such as diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, a serious wound to your hand, wrist, arm, legs, feet, or buttocks can be painful, debilitating, and pose risks for infection if not repaired in full. Additionally, the appearance of a wound in these areas can have negative effects on your confidence and prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest following your recovery.

Alexander Spiess, MD proudly provides reconstructive consultation and surgery for a wide variety of wounds to the hand, wrist, arm, legs, feet, and buttocks. As Pittsburgh’s premier wound care specialist, Dr. Spiess offers plastic surgery for wound closure or pressure sore care, helping patients to restore the anatomy, mobility and appearance of their affected area.

If you’re struggling with your recovery from a wound or pressure sore to your buttocks or extremities, don’t wait to find the relief you deserve. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Spiess and begin the process of restoring your body today. 

Dr. Spiess is seeing patients at the following Wound Healing Centers in Pittsburgh:

Burn and scar Reconstruction Specialist in Pittsburgh

Cutting-Edge Reconstructive Burn Surgery & Scar Care

Because we use them to hold things, reach out, and explore our world, our hands and wrists are often on the front lines of sensation, including that which can hurt us. For this reason, hands and wrists are some of the most common body parts to sustain burns, which can range from mild to extremely severe. 

If you’ve sustained serious burns or have debilitating scars on your body and are seeking reconstructive surgery, Alexander Spiess, MD can help. Dr. Spiess is highly experienced in providing wound care for burns, as well as plastic surgery for burn victims who are struggling with the function and appearance of their body as a result of scarring from their injuries.

Whenever you’re ready to begin the conversation about plastic surgery for burns or scars, Dr. Spiess is ready to speak with you. Schedule your first consultation today and take the first step toward receiving the best care Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy, which can be caused by Diabetes, is a conditon in which the nerves in your peripheral system -- including those found in your hands and feet -- become damaged and destroyed.

How does peripheral neuropathy and Diabetes cause foot wounds?

With enough nerve damage, decreased feeling can lead to unrecognized trauma to the feet, resulting in wounds that may require reconstructive surgery to repair. Sometimes, Dr. Spiess will offer to release the nerve into bottom of the foot (tarsal tunnel release), in an attempt to increase feeling into the foot.

How can I get started with the best Wound Care Specialist near me?

You can schedule your first appointment with Dr. Spiess right here online. Just use our online scheduling tool, or call our office if you’re more comfortable speaking on the phone.