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What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

Peripheral nerve stimulation, frequently referred to as PNS, is a commonly used approach to treat chronic pain. It involves a surgical procedure in which a small electrical device (a wire-like electrode) is placed next to an irritated and painful nerve. The electrode delivers rapid electrical pulses that are felt like mild tingles, and interferes with or dampens the nerve related pain.
During the testing period (trial period), the electrode is connected to an external device, and if the trial is successful, a permanent device gets implanted into your body. You are then able to control the stimulation by turning the device on and off and adjusting stimulation parameters as needed.

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Who is a good Candidate?

Patients who are good candidates for PNS are those who have localized nerve pain secondary to trauma, prior surgery, amputation, or even diabetes. This therapy has also been used in patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

If you suffer from chronic nerve related pain, give Dr. Spiess a call today to schedule a consultation to see if you are an appropriate candidate for this new life changing therapy.

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